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Virtual SANs made simple for a straightforward and highly available infrastructure, with uninterrupted performance.

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SvSAN is the virtual SAN that makes the complex world of virtualized storage simple. Perfect for edge computing environments, the technology is based on software-defined storage that eliminates the need for physical SANs. SvSAN is designed to be very simple to install and manage whether deployed as part of a hyper converged solution or as a storage-only target for any server environment. 

What Makes SvSAN Different?

Growing your organization with StorMagic SvSAN is straightforward. Adding capacity to existing hardware can be done without disruption. It is also highly available, allowing you to take a server offline for maintenance and still keep data online and running applications.

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A true ‘set and forget’ solution for any environment using centralized deployment and management – for a single site or thousands.


SvSAN delivers on today’s performance needs, leveraging existing hardware, with the confidence of  scaling for tomorrow’s demands.

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Cost Effective

SvSAN dramatically lowers costs by eliminating physical SANs, converging compute and storage into a lightweight commodity server footprint.

SvSan Gets An A+ in the Education Sector

Stormagic understands the needs and challenges schools have to run efficiently at reduced costs. Read more about how SvSan is being utilized by leading institutions.