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Data Center Modernization

PBG Networks has over 20 years of experience building and deploying networking solutions for Fortune 500, Pharmaceutical, Federal, and small business clients. Let our experience and expertise work for you.

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Harnessing the Power of Fortigate

In today’s complex organizations, security is paramount. Networks are becoming increasingly more difficult to manage, which is affecting visibility and control over the network. Therefore, security must be comprehensive and intelligent with absolutely zero trade-offs in network performance. See how PBG and Fortigate can protect your network.

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Go Further with
10Zig Thin Clients

In today’s complex IT environments, making things easy and cost-effective are paramount. This is especially true when desktop support requests become unmanageable and cause a resource strain. The solution: 10Zig Thin Clients that offer low-cost, easy management, an impressive life span, and an extremely small footprint. It is ideal for businesses looking for flexibility and security.

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Harness the Power of Extreme for Your Switching & Wireless Needs

If your business focuses on technology leaders, then Extreme Networks is your trusted go-to networking company. Chosen as the Official WI-FI and Analytics provider for the NFL, Extreme handles over 70% of all cell traffic in the United States and is undisputedly an innovator and leader in the industry. Learn how your organization can benefit .

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Get Connected with Structured Cabling

From certified and tested copper and fiber that connect your switches, servers, and devices to custom solutions that meet your project needs, you can trust that your structured cabling will be a reliable backbone for your network.

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Get a Handle on Your Network Security

PBG Networks has been working with Network Security for the past 20 years, making us a leader in the network security space. With our years of training, certifications, and experience, we’re positioned to assist you in meeting all of your network security objectives, regardless of your industry.

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Why Enterprise Infrastructure with PBG Networks?

Your Time Better Spent

Managing today’s Data Center can be a daunting task and provide challenges to both IT and upper Management. To compete in today’s global markets, companies need to remain nimble. Companies achieve this by adopting emerging technologies that simplify business. However, this also puts an unexpected demand on the existing infrastructure.

We're there for whatever you need

Infrastructure Services We Offer

Firewalls & Content Filtering

Core to Edge Switching

Advanced High Performance Wireless

Load Balancers

Software Defined Networking

Network Monitoring and Management (Single Pane of Glass)

Network Access Control (NAC)

Network Analytics & Security

Backup Appliance

E-mail Archiving & Spam Filtration

Why Not Have Us Manage It for You?

Our Managed Data Center Services Can Free Up Time to Get You Back to the More Important Things.