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Security Services

Security Audit

Routine Check Ensuring your Environment's Safety

PBG Networks will provide a full audit of the following:

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Windows & Network Firewalls
AD Audit Remediation and Mitigation
Backup Auditing
DR Audits
MFA Audit
Network and Security Audit
Patch Management
Email and Compliance
Virtualization Auditing

Secure Remote Access

protecting a mobile workforce

Remote users create new challenges for your network and security measures. BYOD opens vectors for brute force attacks, malware, and ransomware. Find out how to secure remote devices.

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fingerprint, unlock, network


Enhanced Security via PUsh Notifications

Add Duo MFA to almost any application to secure your login and provide peace of mind. Duo uses push notifications which is much more secure than sms and provides a convenient way to authenticate any user via the Duo app on your phone. In addition, Duo provides advanced logging, so you are aware of a potential attack against users.

Managed Security (MSS)

Making IT Work securely

Security is a core part of our identity. Malicious users are learning and adapting every day. Take advantage of our expertise to help you rise to the challenge.

We can help you develop and implement a plan to secure your internal and external users against a variety of attacks.