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Terms of Use​:

  • The terms of this agreement shall be dated to match the associated vendor support.
  • Flex Sourcing hours expire after one year. To allow rollover, a client is required to purchase – prior to expiration – the same amount of hours previously purchased. 
  • There is no guarantee of availability for Flex Sourcing as this service is provided on a first come-first serve basis. The usual response is one business day. If a client requires guaranteed availability, the G-SLA option must be purchased. This option provides 4-hour response, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM Monday-Friday via phone or e-mail. G-SLA is intended for emergency use only and cannot be used for projects.
  • Incidents are billed in 1-hour increments. For On-Site services, time is billed in minimum 8-hour increments.
  • When using Flex Sourcing for projects, client must schedule time at least 2 weeks prior to the project to enable proper preparation and ensure availability. During peak times, which usually run June–August, more than 2 weeks may be required. PBG Networks is not responsible if there is no availability as the client is responsible to schedule sufficiently in advance.
  • Once hours are purchased, all sales are final and no reimbursement will be furnished to the client? PBG terms appear at the bottom of the invoice and can be viewed in more detail on the PBG website at https://www.pbgnetworks.com/terms/
  • Flex Source hours may not be used as part of an E-Rate purchase. E-Rate is completely separate and will contain its own set of professional service hours.
  • All information on Flex Sourcing rates and restrictions is confidential and should not be distributed to any PBG competitors. PBG asserts the right to seek litigation against any parties utilizing this agreement in any competitive manner against PBG Networks.
  • PBG Networks has the right to change this agreement at any time without prior written notice to the client
  • A referenced Purchase Order for Flex Sourcing confirms agreement to these terms of use.
  • Emergency Fee per incident is $500.00.
  • GSLA is Block of Hours Plus 30%.
  • Tier 1 support follows the same terms as Flex Source, except in an emergency.
  • Tier 1 support is intended for a specific product, eg; VMware, SvSAN, etc.
  • If purchasing Tier 1 support in an emergency, client is also required to purchase G-SLA which must be purchased as a minimum block of 2 days.
  • If purchasing Flex Source in an emergency, client is also required to purchase G-SLA which must be purchased as a minimum block of 3 days.
  • In an emergency situation, Tier 1 and Flex Source are billed in 8 hour increments.
  • Other terms and conditions may applyAll incidents are billed minimum 1-hour increments.For On-Site services, time is billed in minimum 8-hour increments.