Continuity of Learning Plan

Today’s school systems rely on information technology (IT) services to advance the learning process. Unfortunately, these services are vulnerable to various disaster scenarios, from natural causes like fires to unnatural causes like vandalism.

To prevent – or mitigate the impact of – a disaster, a school needs a comprehensive Continuity of Learning Plan (CoLP).

PBG Networks, a premier provider of disaster recovery and business continuity planning instruments, can develop a custom CoLP designed to safeguard your school’s IT resources, and provide the best opportunity to rapidly restore your IT environment were a disaster to strike.

Our standard CoLP consists of five parts:

  • Disaster Scenarios - The types of disasters that might affect your school’s IT infrastructure.
  • IT Impact - The effects on your IT systems and services if a disaster were to manifest.
  • Continuity Plan: A plan to continue your school’s critical learning functions despite a disaster.
  • Recovery Plan: A plan to restore disaster-damaged IT infrastructure.
  • Resilience Plan: A plan to reduce the likelihood or severity of a disaster.

Don’t wait until a disaster occurs. Let PBG Networks create a Continuity of Learning Plan for your institution.

Cloud Backup & Recovery

In today’s knowledge-based enterprise, the ability to preserve and restore electronic data is essential: first, as a means of protecting intellectual property; and second, to comply with an ever-increasing number of data retention rules and regulations.

Often dismissed as a routine housekeeping chore, traditional data backup and recovery operations are notoriously unreliable. According to one estimate:

  • Forty (40) to fifty (50) percent of all backups are not fully recoverable; and
  • Up to sixty (60) percent of all backups fail.

Adding to the problem is the potential loss of files that are created and deleted between backups.

To ensure the reliable preservation and enable the rapid restoration of enterprise data, PBG offers Cloud Backup & Recovery, a cloud-based backup and recovery service.

With Cloud Backup & Recovery, new data files are automatically copied – in real time – to a secure PBG Data Center. The files are transmitted and stored in encrypted form to prevent unauthorized access, and a simple client interface permits easy file restoration.

With Cloud Backup & Recovery, there are no tapes to mount, no jobs to run, and no worries about data availability, either current or historical. Disaster recovery is automatically addressed, as is the need to produce data on demand.

Cloud Backup & Recovery works in virtually any IT environment, including Windows, SQL, Exchange, Oracle, Notes, and more

Cloud Backup & Recovery supports a number of advanced features like Snapshot Data Protection, Live Exchange and SQL Backup, and WAN-Speed Restores.

Please see the link below to download more information.

PBG Cloud Backup

Let PBG Networks take the worry out of data preservation by subscribing to our Cloud Backup and Recovery Service.

End User Computing (EUC)

PBG empowers enterprise clients to achieve their End User Computing objectives, permitting “end users,” including employees, business partners, and customers, to shape their information technology environment for maximum productivity. End User Computing also allows IT managers to extend their sphere of control beyond the data center walls to all network endpoints. End User Computing encompasses a wide range of:

  • Technologies, including desktop virtualization and converged server/storage computing; and
  • Applications, like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and PARCC Testing (for the K-12 and Higher Ed community).

To help satisfy our clients’ needs, PBG leverages exciting new tools like the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform, which combines server and storage resources in a compact 2U frame, and VMware Horizon Suite, which includes:

  • Horizon View, which enables the provisioning and management of virtual desktops.
  • Horizon Mirage, which enables the centralized management of physical desktops.
  • Horizon Workspace, which enables the secure access to any application or data from any computer or mobile devices.

Please see the links below to download more information.

VMware Horizon Suite                    Business Case for Virtual Desktops

PBG Networks has VMware certified engineers standing by waiting to assist you, whether your environment is simple or complex contact us and we can help you get the most out of your virtualization investment.

Managed Data Center Services

As new technologies evolve, and as new threats emerge, the process of managing and maintaining an information technology (IT) infrastructure is growing more complex – and more expensive.

PBG Managed Data Center Services are designed to help enterprise clients relieve their IT burden by outsourcing select IT functions to PBG’s team of skilled technicians.

PBG Managed Data Center Services enable an enterprise to:

  • Concentrate on its “core competencies.”
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant IT governance standards and regulations.
  • Eliminate the need to recruit and retain highly-skilled – and highly-priced – IT professionals.
  • Rationalize IT policies, protocols, and procedures with leading supply chain partners.
  • Adopt IT best practices.
  • Establish a predictable IT cost structure.
  • Retain and relinquish control over IT functions as appropriate.

PBG Managed Data Center Services are available in several flavors, and are tailored to the unique need of our clients. Clients may choose from:

  • Managed IT Services: Ensuring smooth and reliable IT operations.
  • Managed Security Services: Ensuring the protection of IT systems and data.
  • Managed Continuity Services: Ensuring the continuity, or rapid recovery, or IT operations in the event of a disaster.

Please see the links below to download more information.

K-12 Support Services Offering                    Commercial and Higher-Ed Support Offering

Let PBG Networks manage your data center so you can manage your business.

High Performance Wireless

In today’s virtual business environment where employees, customers, and business partners engage with enterprise systems from virtually any location with virtually any device, business success is often determined by the functionality, availability, and reliability of the enterprise wireless network.

Realizing this dynamic, PBG has partnered with Enterasys to establish a wireless network infrastructure that delivers cloud-ready mobility, wireline-like performance, and unsurpassed total cost of ownership.

The Enterasys Wireless solution includes:

  • High-performance, enterprise-class, multimedia-ready WLAN Access Points that address complex, time-sensitive functions such as QoS, encryption, policy enforcement, rate limiting, and dynamic channel selection.
  • Scalable WLAN Controllers that provide advanced functionality to enable enterprises to define how wireless voice/video/data traffic is processed without architectural constraints, and in accordance with their business needs.
  • The Enterasys Wireless Management Suite that consolidates configurations across the entire WLAN to provide global management capabilities, plus integrated security across the wireline/wireless network to permit rapid problem diagnosis and threat resolution.

Let PBG Networks:

  • Design and develop an Enterasys-enabled wireless network for your enterprise.
  • Help your users enjoy trouble-free wireless access anywhere, anytime.
  • Transform your wireless network from an operational obstacle to an operational strength.

High Performance Switching

To ensure critical applications run smoothly, today’s enterprise data center requires a network infrastructure that provides high availability, real-time automation, and easy server provisioning.

To help accomplish these aims, PBG Networks has partnered with Enterasys to offer a data center switching infrastructure that is:

  • Standards-based.
  • Comprised of a single fabric, with unified networking and storage management capabilities.
  • Optimized to propel virtualized environments.
  • Virtualization technology agnostic, supporting a variety of virtualization schemes, such as VMWare, Hyper-V, and XEN.
  • Storage technology agnostic, accommodating popular access methods such as iSCSI, NFS, and FC.

By leveraging Enterasys technology, PBG coordinates the automated assignment of virtual machines (VMs) within both the virtual and physical network fabrics (unified data center fabric), ensuring consistent delivery of services regardless of the physical location of the VMs.

The use of granular policies, empowered by Enterasys flow-based switching, helps clients realize the goals of high availability and reliable delivery. With this approach, operational costs are lowered by providing a higher degree of automation, as well as system-level, as opposed to device-level, management.

Let PBG Networks:

  • Design and develop an Enterasys-enabled data switching infrastructure for your enterprise.
  • Help your users achieve trouble-free access to applications and data.
  • Remove the complexities – and uncertainties – surrounding virtual machine deployment and management.

Virtualization without SAN

As a leading provider of high performance computing (HPC) solutions, PBG Networks is partnering with Nutanix to offer the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform, a revolutionary new virtualization appliance that combines massive compute power and storage capacity in a single chassis.

The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform enables enterprise clients to implement virtualization without adding network storage – no separate storage area network (SAN) or network attached storage (NAS) system is required.

Built from scratch with virtualization in mind, the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform features solid-state as well as conventional drives, with the solid-state units reserved for I/O-intensive functions.

Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is a plug-and-play solution that includes all hardware and software necessary to run a substantial number of virtual servers or desktops. Operating as its own primary backup and recovery system, the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform can store several months’ worth of Nutanix RAID-protected backups inside the appliance.

Key Capabilities include:

  • Capacity Optimization – Using Nutanix QuickClone, an administrator can deploy development copies of a production database without duplicating the data.
  • Scale-Out Converged Storage (SOCS) - The Nutanix SOCS architecture eliminates the need to acquire and manage a complex network-based storage infrastructure.
  • Scalability – The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is highly scalable and may be readily expanded to meet evolving enterprise requirements.
  • Conformance to IT Standards – Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform utilizes an industry-standard hypervisor (VMware ESXi) and standard iSCSI devices and interfaces.

Let PBG Networks:

  • Help you achieve your virtualization goals without having to support a SAN subsystem.
  • Accelerate your applications through next-generation fusion-io technology.
  • Enhance your virtualization infrastructure while avoiding conventional “rip and replace” hardware upgrades.

Please see the links below to download more information.

Nutanix Datasheet                    Nutanix Specifications Sheet

NJEDGE VMware ELA and the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) have entered into an Enterprise Licensing Agreement with VMware that allows members to realize savings of 30% or more off academic list prices for VMware products and services. A pricing model has been created for VMware licensing with PBG Networks, allowing you to leverage this discount and participate in the consortium buying agreement. By working with PBG Networks, a trusted and long-standing VMware Partner and integrator, you can rapidly deploy the latest virtualization solutions.

Why Virtualize With PBG Networks?

  • Established VMware team with over 16 years of experience.
  • Expertise with cloud computing, server consolidation, and desktop virtualization solutions.

Steps to Procure VMware:

  • Contact your PBG Networks Account Manager for a quote or additional information.
  • If you do not know your PBG Networks Account Manager, please contact our information desk at or call 856-931-1604 x111
  • Download your VMware ELA Order Form here and choose your licensing options:

Higher-ED Order Form                    K-12 Schools Order Form                    Gov Order Form

*Note: You must be a member of NJEDge to take advantage of this offer. All NJ K-12 School Districts who are members of NJSBA are also members of NJEDge. For more information on member benefits or to take advantage of this offer please click on the NJEDge Quick Facts link listed below.

NJEDge Quick Facts