Harness the Power of VMware

If your business focuses on technology leaders, then VMware is your trusted Go-To virtualization company. Did you know that over 500,000 customers run their enterprises on VMware, including the entire Fortune 500? They have selected VMware as the platform that can deliver the promise of unified hybrid cloud and business mobility.

Ten years ago, VMware was just about virtualizing servers. Today it has grown into a power-house with solutions that can be used in every part of your network. Are you leveraging the power of VMware to it’s fullest? Talk to PBG Networks and learn what more VMware can do for you!

Why Go VMware with PBG Networks?

From basic server virtualization, desktop virtualization, or the hybrid cloud and beyond, VMware has the complete solution and PBG Networks was there from the beginning. We have built a solid reputation as an expert in the areas of virtualization, making us a leader in the space. We have done over 1,600+ virtualization installs and have solved problems for many clients who suffer from poor implementations, often due to lack of compliance with standard operating procedures.

The success of all VMware deployments is contingent on proper planning, implementation, and management.

We can help you maximize the benefits of virtualization for your organization in all the areas covered above because we have been doing virtualization from its inception. Our engineers have worked with the original architects from VMware, and we completed the first server virtualization deployment for the Federal Government in 1998 using VMware Workstation. Today, our virtualization offering has expanded to the private, public, and hybrid cloud. These new cloud offerings provide an elastic data center with quick provisioning of storage and compute.

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Our Approach

Using an approach that we have developed over the last 20 years, we begin our process by truly understanding your organization, existing processes, procedures, and strategy. Our methodology ensures success by utilizing tools and processes that enable project teams to deliver projects on time and on budget. We will guide you to maximize your use of virtualization by eliminating the need to over provision and over purchase. This greatly lowers the TCO and increases the ROI on any virtualization deployment. This approach will also lend foresight into future planning for hybrid on-premises and cloud deployments.

With PBG Networks, you get a simple, reliable, and optimized VMware solution suited for your business. Each VMware solution is tailored to our customers’ specific needs and delivered using PBG’s management expertise, hands-on proven training approach, and commitment to excellence.