Harness the Power of Storage Virtualization

Discover storage virtualization and easily eliminate the need for a physical SAN, while lowering IT acquisition and operating costs. Utilize existing server storage capabilities to provide a base for virtualization with the following benefits: 

  • Radically Simple Storage
  • Advanced Availability and Management
  • ​50% Lower TCO
  • Exceptional Performance

Why Go Storage Virtualization with PBG Networks?

PBG Networks has been implementing storage virtualization solutions even before most virtualization giants developed their own.  We are always looking for a better, lower-cost way to revolutionize our clients’ data centers and build extremely robust solutions. Our success revolves around our creative team of engineers who are experts in each of their disciplines, always thinking ahead to the future of data centers.

We can help you maximize the benefits of storage virtualization because we have been doing it from its inception. Our team worked with the largest mutual life-insurance company in the United States to push all of their test and development environments from EMC to our storage virtualization solution, saving them millions in new storage acquisition costs.

PBG Networks helps clients meet their storage virtualization needs with both Software-based and Hardware-based virtual storage.

Are you looking for affordable, simple and reliable hyperconverged storage using your existing or new servers? Check out SvSAN!


Or do you need a robust, scalable, high-performance hyperconverged infrastructure to support technologies like VDI? Check out Nutanix.


Our Approach

Using an approach that we have developed over the last 20 years, we begin our process by truly understanding your organization, existing processes, procedures, and strategy. Our methodology ensures success by utilizing tools and processes that enable project teams to deliver projects on time and on budget. We will guide you to maximize your use of storage virtualization with a buy-as-you-go model, eliminating the need to over provision and over purchase. This greatly lowers the TCO and increases the ROI on any storage virtualization deployment. This approach will also lend foresight into future planning for hybrid on-premises and cloud deployments.

With PBG Networks, you get a simple, reliable, and optimized storage virtualization solution suited for your business. Each virtualization solution is tailored to our customers’ specific needs and delivered using PBG’s management expertise, hands-on proven training approach, and commitment to excellence.