Remote Access that is easy and affordable!

At PBG Networks, we have been working closely with clients to help navigate these difficult times and provide tools to meet the challenges of working and learning remotely. For over 20 years, PBG Networks has provided the tools needed to get connected remotely. Remote access does not have to be complicated or expensive. But it should be secure, reliable, and seamless. Let us help you overcome this hurdle with the remote access solution that is right for you!

Leverage Ericom Connect to remotely connect students into the school’s existing lab PCs. This is a light-weight remote access solution that’s also great for teachers and administrators, business employees, or any staff working remotely. This even works with GPU-enabled PCs. Works great on Chromebooks.

It has been highly successful. There is nothing to install.

Check out a free demo for Ericom Connect to try a Full Virtual Desktop!

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Ericom Connect Remote Access
Distance Learning


  • User-Friendly: Get Ericom Connect installed, set up, and ready to use quickly with client-less remote installation on target desktops.
  • 100% Web-based: Reap the benefit of web-based user access and administrative management from any web browser – without the hassle of plug-ins & patches.
  • Focus on Learning: Connecting in minutes means one less distraction for students.
Working Remotely


  • Focus on Working: Staff can use all the applications already installed on their work desktops, saving valuable time.
  • Focus on Teaching: Teachers can focus on lesson plans and not have to assist students with connecting.
  • Access Applications: Flexibility to present full desktops or just applications.
IT Admin Remote Support


  • Simple and Quick: Get Ericom Connect installed, set up, and ready to use in just a few hours with client-less remote installation on target desktops.
  • Affordable: Use the equipment you already have, and choose the price model that’s right for your organization.
  • Highly Scalable: Start as small as you want and grow as needed. One Ericom Connect server supports thousands of concurrent users.
  • GPU-Enabled Desktops: Present your computer labs for GPU-enabled applications.

Which Remote Access tools are right for you?

With so many options for remote access, let PBG Networks help find the right choice for your organization.

Secure HTML5 Browser-based access allows remote-access for anywhere. Whether you’re a student using Chromebooks, or a Teacher or Staff member working remotely on your Laptop or Desktop, the ease of client-less access will provide a smoother experience.

Purpose-built for Chromebooks makes this the perfect application for students.

Choose to provide a Full Desktop or just access specific Applications.

Present GPU-enabled desktops from your computer lab or workspace without needing a high-end machine at home.

Provide universal Printing.

In the News

Check us out on New Jersey’s news website,, to read about PBG Networks helping meet the challenges of working and learning remotely.

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Success comes with a plan

PBG Networks provides guidance at every step to enable Remote Access for your organization. Make sure you can provide the right resources to the right users. Ericom Connect provides Full Desktops and Applications to anywhere!

Why Go Remote Access with PBG Networks?

PBG Networks has been working with Remote Access for over 20 years. Our team has worked in some of the most demanding environments, including Remote Access efforts for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines for multiple programs. Our methodology ensures success by utilizing tools and processes that enable project teams to deliver projects on time and on budget. With our years of training, certifications, and experience, we’re positioned to assist you in meeting all of your Remote Access objectives, regardless of your industry.

To design, architect, and build successful network security solutions, you need a team with a wide-range of capabilities. From project management to senior architects and trainers, you can be confident the PBG Networks team can meet and exceed your expectations.