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Virtual Image vs Hardened Virtual Image

A virtual image is a snapshot of a virtual machine (VM) used to create a running instance in a virtual environment, thus providing the same functionality as a physical computer. Virtual images reside on the cloud and let you cost-effectively perform routine computing operations without investing in local hardware and software.
Hardening is a process of limiting potential weaknesses that make systems vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Examples include:

  • Disabling unnecessary¬†ports/services.
  • Eliminating unneeded programs and internal root accounts
  • Limiting/denying visitor access

More secure than a standard image, hardened virtual images reduce system vulnerabilities to help protect against denial of service, unauthorized data access, and other cyber threats.

PBG Networks offers both Linux and Microsoft windows images hardened to meet some of the strictest security standards. Our images are vendor-agnostic, and you can be sure all PBG Hardened Images will be securely configured, regardless of the cloud platform you choose.
PBG Hardened Images:

  • Conform to recommended cybersecurity best practices
  • Can be deployed across networks by administrators
  • Eliminate upfront investments in hardware
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