Harness the Power of Fortigate

In today’s complex organizations, security is paramount. Networks are becoming increasingly more difficult to manage, which is affecting visibility and control over the network. Therefore, security must be comprehensive and intelligent with absolutely zero trade-offs in network performance.

PBG Networks addresses all of these concerns with Fortinet. Some of the many advantages of Fortinet are listed below:

  • ​Comprehensive Security in one Solution
  • Next Generation Firewall
  • ​Actionable Reports to Enforce Policies
  • Deep Visibility and Granular Control

Why Go Storage Fortigate with PBG Networks?

PBG Networks has been working with Fortinet since its infancy. We were an early adopter of NetScreen technologies, deploying a huge network for the Federal Government that spanned from New Jersey to Hawaii. With our years of training, certifications, and experience, we’re positioned to assist you in meeting all of your Networking objectives, regardless of your industry. When Ken Xie left NetScreen and started Fortinet, we jumped on board and became a partner. We can help you maximize the benefits of Fortinet for your organization with our proven team and vast experience.
Do you want to find out if your education infrastructure is secure? Fortinet offers a free Cyber Threat Assessment for schools. Contact Us to learn more.

Click the image to see a sample Cyber Threat Assessment Report

Fortigate Cyber Threat Assessment Sample Report
  • Quick: Less than 7 days of Monitoring
  • Easy: No interruption to your infrastructure
  • Comprehensive: Security, Productivity and Performance
  • No Cost

Our Approach

Using an approach we have developed over the last 20 years, we begin our process by truly understanding your organization, existing processes, procedures, and strategy. Our methodology ensures success by utilizing tools and processes that enable project teams to deliver projects on time and on budget. We will guide you to maximize your use of Fortinet, eliminating the need to over complicate your network while maintaining a high level of security. With our comprehensive solution, we will greatly lower your TCO and increases the ROI on your deployment. This approach will also allow us to help with future planning for hybrid on-premises and cloud deployments as your business continues to change.

With PBG Networks, you get a simple, reliable, and optimized Fortinet firewall solution suited for your business. Each Fortinet firewall solution is tailored to our customers’ specific needs and delivered using PBG’s management expertise, hands-on proven training approach, and commitment to excellence.