Extreme Networks Switching and Wireless

Legendary for its performance and comprehensive coverage – from data center to network edge – ExtremeSwitching can power your network into the future. From Switching to Wireless and Management, lay the foundation for a next-gen network.

Stackable Solutions

Extreme Networks offers switches designed to support the evolving applications of converged networks, featuring exceptional quality of service, low latency, resiliency, line rate performance, and advanced Power over Ethernet (POE).

X770 – 40GbE purpose-built top-of-rack switches designed to support 10 Gigabit Ethernet-enabled servers and emerging 40 Gigabit Ethernet-enabled servers in enterprise and cloud data centers

X670-G2 – 10GbE high-density, low-latency, versatile, and cost-effective 10 Gigabit Ethernet top-of-rack switches

X670 / X670V / X670V-48T – High-density Layer 2/3 switching with low latency cut-through switching

X620 – Intelligent 10 Gigabit Edge ethernet switch with ExtremeXOS modular operating system

X480 – Highly scalable and versatile Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches to help optimize application performance

X460-G2 – Scalable, versatile, intelligent edge switching and routing with exceptional port density and high-performance stacking capabilities

X450-G2 – Intelligent, cost-effective edge switching and routing

X440-G2 – Scalable cost-effective edge switching with simultaneous stacking and 10Gb Ethernet uplinks

200 –  Economical, fixed-configuration Layer 2/3 switches for enterprises and SMB looking for key features in a flexible, yet easy-to-manage solution.

ReachNXT – A fanless, 8-port 10/100 Fast Ethernet port extender for enterprise-class access requirements

ExtremeWireless Access Points

ExtremeWireless Access Points and WiNG Access Points deliver wired-like performance, at scale for high-density in every environment. Smart Access Points are equally adept for both distributed and centralized deployment models.

Indoor Access Points

AP 3916 – AP with integrated video camera, 802.11ac Wave 2, up to 1.17Gbps capacity, dual radio, 2×2:2, integrated BTLE/802.15.4 radio​
AP 3912 – Wall-Plate, 802.11ac Wave 2, up to 1.17Gbps capacity, dual radio, 2×2:2, integrated BTLE/802.15.4 radio
AP 3935 – 802.11ac Wave 2, up to 2.5 Gbps, dual-radio 4×4:4
AP 3825 – 802.11ac AP up to 1.75Gbps capacity, dual-radio, 3×3:3
AP 3805 – 802.11ac AP up to 1.17Gbps capacity, dual radio, 2×2:2

WiNG Indoor Access Points

AP 8533 True 802.11ac Access Point with Eight Times the Capacity and Triple the Sensors
AP 8432  Do More Today. Add the Internet of Things Tomorrow with a True 802.11ac Access Point
AP 7532 – Highest Performance Wireless Speeds with 3×3 Mimo and 256 Qam Modulation
AP 7632 – Enterprise-Grade and Wave 2 Performance without the Premium Cost
AP 7522 – Upgrade to 802.11ac Wi-Fi Speed and Throughput – All at a Low Cost
AP 7522E – WiNG Express Management: Affordable Fifth-Generation Wi-Fi for Any Environment
AP 7622 – Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi for Small Budgets

WiNG Wireless Wall Plates

AP 7502Wall Plate Enterprise-class Wall Plate 802.11ac Access PointOutdoor Environments – All at a Low Cost
AP 7502E Wall Plate  Enterprise-Class Wall Plate 802.11ac Access Point
AP 7602 Wall Plate – Get Personal with Guest Networks
AP 7612 Wall Plate – One AP Per Guest Room For the “At Home” Experience

Outdoor Access Points

AP 3965 – 802.11ac Wave 2, up to 2.5 Gbps capacity, 4×4:4, 4, IP 67 / NEMA 6, with integrated or external antennas
AP 3865 – 802.11ac AP, up to 1.75 Gbps capacity, dual-radio, 3×3:3, IP67 / NEMA 6 and supports multiple antenna options

WiNG Outdoor Access Points

AP 7562 Blazing-Fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi Speed and Throughput in Your Most Challenging Outdoor Environments – All at a Low Cost
AP 8163  Rugged Design Delivers Next-Generation High-Performance Wi-Fi in Demanding Outdoor Environments
AP 7662 – Enterprise Grade Wave 2 802.11ac IP67 Outdoor Rated Access
AP 6562 – Outdoor Dual Radio 802.11A/B/G/N Mesh Wireless Access Point

Extreme Wireless Controllers

Extreme Wireless Controllers and WiNG Controllers and switches provide award-winning, seamless roaming across deployments and resilient fail-over capabilities – proving our reliability.

Virtual appliances
V2110 – The V2110 supports up to 500 APs and is available as a VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V appliance for easy deployment in cloud environments

Hardware appliances
C35 – The C35 supports up to 250 APs and simultaneous 4,000 users
C5210 – The C5210 supports up to 2,000 APs,  highly scalable for ultra-dense environments
C5215 – The C5215 supports up to 2,000 APs, highly scalable for ultra-dense environments, redundant power supply

WiNG Controllers

Physical Controllers
NX 5500 – Superior Cost Efficiency, Wireless Performance
NX 7500 – Meets the Specialized Needs of Campuses and Mid-Sized Enterprises
NX 9600 – Manage the Big Picture from a Single Pane
NX 9500 – Integrated Services Platform Series for the Private Cloud
RFS 4000 – True Convergence of Wired and Wireless Services for Branch Facilities

Virtual Controllers
VX 9000 – Virtualized Cloud Deployment on Public or Private Networks

WiNG Express Management

Physical Controllers
NX 5500E – Advanced WLAN Services and Single Point of Control for Wing Express Users
NX 7510E – Enterprise-Class WLAN Management Solution for Small Businesses

Virtualized Controllers
VX 9000E – Virtualized Software-Based WLAN Controller


A single management tool – data center to mobile devices

ExtremeManagement keeps everything in view and under control through role-based access controls and a single-pane-of-glass. One click can equal a thousand actions when you manage your network with ExtremeManagement. Even manage beyond Extreme Networks switching, routing, and wireless hardware to deliver standards-based control of other vendors’ network equipment.

ExtremeManagement is the key to taking your Network Security to the next level.