Ericom EAI

Your Remote Users Rely on VPNs for Access. Hackers Do, Too.

Zero Trust Network Access,
Via Your Existing
VPNs and Firewalls


  • Microsegmenting access limits each user’s visibility to only the IT resources they require

  • Cloaks applications from unauthorized users to isolate them from attack

  • Automated policy building makes true least-privilege access policy creation simple, even for large organizations


Simple to Deploy and Manage

Built with the human element in mind, allowing you to focus on what’s really important, instead of dealing with menial and time consuming operational tasks.

No Change in User Experience

Get the complete performance, health, and security picture of every user and device in, around, and part of your network. All in one place.

Automatic Policy Manager

Extreme AirDefense simplifies the protection, monitoring and security of your Wireless LAN networks. Extreme AirDefense continuously safeguards the network.


Feature-rich application tiers are tailored to every budget and IT need. ExtremeCloud™ IQ delivers the management, intelligence and assurance your business requires.

Why Choose Ericom EAI?

Excessive Trust Leads to Excessive Security Risk

Outdated perimeter-based trust assumptions place businesses at significant risk. In the office, logged-in users have unfettered network access, VPNs likewise “trust” remote users fully once they connect and grant them similar broad network access. Especially with the growth in remote work, this unlimited reach exposes vast attack surfaces, enabling easy lateral spread when a connected device is compromised, stolen or lost.

Fast, Lightweight and Affordable

Ericom Application Isolator integrates seamlessly with your existing VPN and firewalls. The software is simple to install, requiring no endpoint installation. With no user training needed, the move to Zero Trust securityis easy and fast.

A Simple Security Boost for VPNs and Corporate Networks

Ericom Application Isolator eliminates over-privileged access to dramatically shrink enterprise network attack surfaces. Users who connectremotely via a VPN or via an internal network connection can access only the specific applications they are authorized to use, only after their identityhas been authenticated. Application isolation dramatically strengthenssecurity by “cloaking” resources so their DNS information and IP ports arenot exposed.

Looking for Another Option to Ditch the VPN?


Ask us about Ericom Connect.

Empower work-from-home users with the cost effective remote access solution that some of the largest organizations on the planet depend on. The work place apps and desktops your users need from any location for a surprisingly low price.

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